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Kaisen: doing more with less

It’s a tough time. One of the things you can expect agencies to do is to find ways of doing things less expensively. For the last two years Saatchi design has been helping a client shave hundreds of thousands of euros from their costs. Our role has extended the idea of creative delivery to include creative use and management of resources – making money go further. This means doing things differently, seeking new technologies for delivery and impacting on process and decision making in both client and agency structures. The Japanese call this process Kaisen and its something the UK needs.
Far from painful, it has lead to more efficiency, greater transparency and satisfaction. Ironically by tightening the creative parameters, we’ve been challenged to be more creative.
As the public sector feels the weight of budget cuts- it has to be a good time to rethink how things are done: refreshing creativity, combining technology, imagination and process for the common good.
We’ve also found that helping charities to reduce costs through digital technology and social media, they benefit from better margins, higher value donors, faster turnarounds , wider social impact and greater effectiveness .
Think Kaisen, act positive, be radical, and embrace technology, use creativity.
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Who is your identity for?

Photo by f.e.m.k.e on flickr.

Identity is at the core of our being. Defining who we are as individuals, groups or organisations seems simple, but is in fact complex and ambiguous.

Ask yourself, who am I? Other people may give you different answers. As father, son, partner, friend, colleague, client, provider, supporter, citizen?

Our identity is rarely fixed, we play different roles according to the context and project different faces to different audiences. Often we reappraise how we behave and adjust expectations accordingly, adapting our responses to different needs. This is a natural, but it’s not simple.

Organisations too are complicated: audiences and stakeholders are mediated through the organisational brand, products, employees, distribution and communication channels.

The other great intermediary is the media, who shape perceptions of us all. Perhaps the rise of social media reflects our need to express ourselves and manage our identity, but it may also represent another milestone in our absorption into mainstream media.

For now it’s the platform for self expression, identity and individuality, let’s keep it that way.

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Why we blog

This blog is here to help us stop and reflect on our work, share insights we find on the way, and extend thanks to our clients who got us here in the first place. Enjoy.